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We ignite innovation


Conceived and designed by Gary Sahni, Elite Hookahs own the premiere position of the most coveted designs in the world. Elite Hookahs have combined the beauty of hookah with quality and craftmanship culminating in the world’s most exotic designs. Enthusiasts prefer our Elite Hookahs for having the strongest smoke, biggest clouds, and smoothest pull without exception. Our transcendent hand-blown glass vases and stainless-steel shafts are expertly engineered to impress the most discriminating smoker. If you prefer a more modern glass-on-glass hookah, our best-selling Elate collection will exceed your every expectation.

We Design and Manufacture The World’s Most Requested Hookahs


Elite Hookah has been providing hookah devotees around the globe with the largest variety of customizable hookahs and hookah accessories. Our solid screw on vases are interchangeable with our myriad of creative stem designs. Every Elite Hookah is backed by an industry exclusive 5-year warranty on the shaft confidently reassuring customers we stand behind our products. Elite Hookah boasts the industry’s most knowledgeable and dedicated staff providing concierge level assistance with any issue you encounter.

Fair warning, once you experience and Elite Hookah, you will experience and insatiable desire to own every product we offer!  So, pack a bowl, light a coal and savor the ideal experience that only Elite Hookahs can offer.


Elite Hookah


These words have been used to describe Elite Hookah’s exquisite designs, but no words can be used to express how you feel when you own and use one of these historical smoking devices. A smooth and calming smoke, delicious taste and always satisfying experinece is what you get from Elite.

The name says it all.

Our hookahs provide a smoke to Elite every shisha connoisseur.